Plan, Policy and Project Development

Suggestions and ideas, even global initiatives, need to be translated in realistic policies and well documented plans at a manageable scale. This is true for businesses as well as governments. ESS offers its support for policy, plan and project (PPP) development.

ESS has executed the following assignments regarding Plan, Policy, and Project Development:

Assignment Period Client
Plan, Policy and Project Development
Demonstration and research into the CO2 neutral conversion of industrial wood waste into high quality charcoal 2015 – 2016 Rijksdienst Ondernemend Nederland & Charbon Engi-neering (The Netherlands)
Value Chain Analysis for the wood-based furniture making industry in Suriname 2015 Center for Promotion of Import from Developing Countries (CBI, The Netherlands)
Develop business cases for the tourism activities at Galibi Nature Reserve and the Brownsberg Nature Park Suriname 2015 WWF-Guianas (World Wildlife Fund Guianas)
Development of the National Biodiversity Action Plan 2012-2016 2007 – 2012 Government of Suriname (NIMOS & Ministry of ATM)
Analysis of Institutional Framework governing Environmental and Natural Resource Management in Suriname in relation to CSME (CARICOM) 2010 – 2012 Carib Invest (Barbados) for
CARICOM Secretariat
Preparation of PIF(pre-proposal) and PPG (preparation grant) documents for the Coastal Protected Area Management project in Suriname 2009 Government of Suriname (Ministry of RGB)
Preparation of the Third National Report regarding the UN Convention on Biological Diversity 2009 Government of Suriname (Ministry of ATM)
· Analysis of cross-cutting issues and formulation of action plan in relation to National Capacity Self-Assessment of Suriname 2008 – 2009 Government of Suriname (Ministry of ATM)
· Assessment in relation to the UN Conventions on Biodiversity and Climate Change, as part of the National Capacity Self-Assessment of Suriname 2008 Government of Suriname (Ministry of ATM)
Suriname country study, as part of Conservation Training and Education Assessment in Suriname and Guyana 2008 – 2009 Organization for Tropical
Studies (OTS)
Development of a proposal for a Capacity Fund for the Forest and Nature Sector in Suriname 2007 Government of The
Netherlands (via its embassy in Suriname)
Suriname Country Report, as part of ACTO
Program for Strengthening Joint Regional
Management for the Sustainable Use of
Amazonian Biodiversity
2007 Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO)
Development of SBB / ITTO Capacity Plan (capacity building for sustainable forest
management in Suriname)
2007 Government of Suriname (viaForest Management and Production Control foundation SBB)
Development of Capacity Building Strategy for Tropenbos in Suriname 2006 – 2008 Tropenbos International
Suriname country study, part of Assessment of Biotrade in the Amazon Region 2006 UNCTAD / Amazon
Cooperation Treaty
Organization (ACTO)