Sustainable Forest Management and Certification

In forest management and timber harvesting, wise use and sustainability have become of critical importance. Certification is the means to achieve sustainability and to communicate sustainable forest management with the market and the public. ESS helps forestry companies with feasibility studies and management plans, and with sustainable forest management and obtaining ‘green’ certification. Regarding the trade in Surinamese timber species click for more info

Recently ESS introduce of working with drones in its SFM assessments. Interested to see our forest from above click here

ESS has executed the following assignments regarding Sustainable Forest Management and Certification:

Assignment Period Client
Environmental Issues related to Industrial
Charcoal Making in Suriname
2018 – 2019 Foundation For Sustainable Wood Processing in Suriname (FSWPS)
Tropical Timber Trade Portal –
Update of the Suriname Country Profile
2018 FORM International
Preparation and performance of training on the EUTR
(EU Timber Regulation) for the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA)
2018 Tropenbos International
Preparation and performance of various training
sessions on product / process standards and
certification for the wood-workers industry
2017 Min. HI(T)  Certification training
The making of promotional infosheets on
(10) lesser known timber species (LKTS) from Suriname
2017 Stichting ProBos
Peer review of the FSC (group) certification
documents of forest management groups in The Netherlands
2017 Control Union Certification  B.V
Peer Review of Documents for Certification
of Reed (Thatch) of the Netherlands
2016 Engbers Bosbeheer
Multi-perspective analysis of drivers of deforestation,
forest degradation and barriers to REDD+ activities in Suriname
2016 – 2017 UNIQUE forestry and land
use GmbH
Peer review forest management certification reports
Staatsbosbeheer (SBB) / Natuurmonumenten (NM)
2016 Control Union Certifications
Logging damage assessment Forest estate Carolina Suriname 2016 Stichting Nazaten Plantage Carolina
Value Chain Analysis for the Domestic
Furniture Industry in Suriname
2015 – 2016 Centrum ter Bevordering van
Importen uit Ontwikkelings
Landen (CBI)
Monitoring and Reporting on a Charcoal Making
Furnace to Find a Means  for Converting
Wood Waste into High Quality Charcoal
2015 – 2016 Charbon Engineering N.V.
Technical Review of the Business Plan for an
Integrated Forest Based Industry in Suriname
2015 – 2016 ARRO Group of Companies
Representation of Charbon Engineering in the Guianas 2015 Charbon Engineering N.V.
Peer Review Draft Forest Management Plan
Greenheart Suriname
2015 Control Union Certifications
Organization and Coordination of Sector
Meetings about Suriname Domestic Furniture
2015 CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)
Sustainable Tropical Timber Trade
Mission (Business Encounters) to Suriname
2015 Stichting ProBos
Support FSC Controlled Wood certification
of forest operations & processing facilities
2014 – 2015 Troluco Holding NV
Local Representative for the Sustainable
Trade Initiative in Suriname
2014 – 2015 IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative, The Netherlands)
Support to the Weerribben and Wieden Riet
certification Proces
2014 Engbers Bosbeheer (The Netherlands)
Development of Information Sheets
on a Number of Suriname’s
Lesser Known Timber Species
2014 Tropenbos International
Suriname (TBI Suriname)
Organization of a consultation meeting with
the Suriname forest sector, in the context of
the Suriname IDH program, phase 2
2014 IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative, The Netherlands)
Forestry Sector Analysis for Possile
Participation in the CBI Program
2014 CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)
Assistance in the Final FSC Certification
Audit of the Suma Lumber Logging Company
2007 Control Union Certifications
Development of business, management and
Operational Plans for Concessionaires
2005 – 2010 Eversur- & Tropical Timber
Company, Mr. Overeem
Assessment of Legality of Timber Harvesting
and Trade in Suriname
2006 – 2007  PHS (Loggers’ Platform in Suriname)
Development of a CD-rom on Sustainable
Forest Management in Suriname
2004 – 2005 PHS (Loggers’ Platform in Suriname)