Environmental Services & Support (ESS) is a registered consultancy firm, established in  Suriname in 2005. For public and private sector clients, we (ESS) implement multidisciplinary projects that require ‘green’ as well as ‘grey’ environmental expertise. We combine expertise that is available in Suriname and globally, and we put it to work.

We implement studies and help develop policies, plans and projects in relation to the use and conservation of biological resources, including forestry and ecotourism. We assess and monitor environmental and social impacts of agriculture, mining, infrastructure and other projects. We also advise on the valuation of environmental resources and certification of their sustainable use.

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In addition, we design and implement customized training modules and short courses, and we offer support for the publication of information on ecology and environment.

We also assist organizations in designing and managing projects, fundraising and recruiting staff.

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ESS in times of COVID-19:
Environmental Services & Support N.V. (ESS) is continuing with its work, while also committed to helping reduce the spread of the Corona virus and keeping us all healthy and safe.

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