ESS delivers a broad range of services for its clients, varying from advice and project development, expert studies, education & training, awareness and fundraising & project management.

Advice and Project Development

Suggestions and ideas, even global initiatives, need to be translated in realistic, well documented management plans at a manageable scale. This is true for businesses as well as governments. ESS offers its support for brainstorming, project formulation and the development of complex plans that require a multi-disciplinary approach.

Expert Studies

The development and implementation of plans and structures, or the development of new technologies and methods must be based on reliable information. Data collection can be done through field research, literature review and interviews. ESS has the knowledge and expertise to do both scientific and applied research for the collection of desired data.

Education and Training

The well-functioning of organizations and the achievement of desired outcomes depends on well trained personnel. Through training and education the participants extend their knowledge and experience to improve their functioning within the organization they are working with. ESS offers training on request as well as on its own initiative.


To prevent calamities and accidents at work, one needs to be familiar with most occurring pitfalls. Moreover, knowledge of new developments is useful to react adequately. ESS organizes awareness meeting in relation to working conditions and new local and international developments. ESS develops both written and audio-visual products.

Fundraising and Project Management

ESS can assume the responsibility of manager on behalf of its clients. It also offers support to clients to locate funds and donors, and ultimately finance their projects.