ESS is organized as a core with two surrounding layers

Core – the administrative and logistical management is the responsibility of

Ms. Saskia Somai; Mr. Hans Paters is the Director / CEO

Inner Layer – associates of ESS which do all commercial work via ESS; these currently are:  Mr. Bart De Dyn, Ms. Sandhia Punwasi and Mr. Raoul Boedhoe; in addition Mr. Sietze van Dijk and Mr. Giani Razab-Sekh who do part of their commercial work via ESS

Outer Layer  – local and international consultants, either companies or individual experts, who are contracted for specific jobs, based on the client’s requirements

Core and Inner Layer

Outer Layer

Over the years, ESS has established partnerships with national and international experts and companies to tackle more complex jobs in Suriname and the region

We can mobilize an even wider range of expertise
if the job requires it!